Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Indoor Wild Flower Wedding Shoot!

I have a treat for offbeat brides on a budget! We recently had a fun indoor offbeat bridal budget shoot inspired by a wild flower garden. Most people think that when they use flowers at their wedding they have to  look a certain way and they have to spend a lot to get a great look. One way to achieve a great floral look and theme without spending a lot is to use a wild flower theme.
We took a few wild flowers and brought some wild color to the setup using various containers to hold them and bring more character into the room.

The room was gorgeous to begin with which is always a helpful bit when you are looking to save money, so it was not that hard to bring it to life. For the offbeat bride that inspired this shoot, color was essential so we used every opportunity to add more color in to the room  with the table settings, linens, chairs, all the way to the menus and tableware.

We also wanted to keep the natural feel of an outdoor garden which can be hard to do when you don't have a huge budget to cover the whole space with flowers, so instead we took advantage of the wooden feel and look in the space and used it to create and facilitate the feeling of nature and the woods. The containers were inspired by the same goal and everything in the shoot revolved around color in the flowers and linens, nature represented by the dark wood in the room, and the containers in which the flowers were placed and voila. We had a colorful blend of nature indoors, with a wonderful marriage of colors and textures and ambiance. The ultimate flower in the room was the bride in her orange gown with pink, and purple tulle as well as a blue tulle shawl, and the ultimate nature embodiment was the groom in his dark suit and his tall and lovely frame. 

Photography: Dominic Chavez www.dominicchavez.com and George Yurahen  http://www.yurivaysgant.com/#s=0&mi=1&pt=0&pi=1&p=-1&a=0&at=0
Event Rentals: Rentals Unlimited www.rentals-unlimited.net/
Location: Longwood Events Clubhouse http://www.longwoodevents.com/Venues/Veronique/Default.aspx
Concept and Design: Creative Wedding Solutions www.creativeweddingsolutions.com
Stationery Design : Creative Wedding Solutions www.creativeweddingsolutions.com
Flowers: Carolyn Kegler http://carolynkeglerfloraldesigns.com/
Makeup: Christy Lavalee http://www.makeup-artistry.biz/
Hair: Nancy Brown
Fashion stylist: Mauryn Kkira (Creative Wedding Solutions) www.creativeweddingsolutions.com
Bridal Gown: Xharisma Bridal Rentals (Creative Wedding Solutions) www.creativeweddingsolutions.com
Bridal Hat: Kkira Creations http://www.etsy.com/listing/44646506/lady-toruk

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