Friday, November 5, 2010

Offbeat bride fashion shoot!

I have some new photos to share from our last offbeat bride fashion photo shoot! It was such a fun shoot since we were going for variations in style. We had wonderful models and the makeup and hair team were wonderful so the entire shoot was such a joy to do. Christy was excited to do some bold colors for the makeup and Brenda teased up some pretty funky hair dos!  The shoot was held at a wonderful location called Three Sister's Sanctuary  which was such an inspiration so it was not hard to get the best out of everyone! Stay tuned for more information on that! There are more treats to be had!

The point of the shoot as always was to create some offbeat looks that you can transform to suit your own personal style or to inspire your very own different look. Nothing about any of these brides or their attire says ordinary and that is what we were going for. The added bonus with all these outfits is that they are all part of our bridal gown rental collection and were used to suit different brides so that they all get their own individual look. Of course there is also the wonderful bonus of a much more reasonable price tag as well as the fact that we get to give brides opportunities to recycle once worn gowns in various ways and then to pass them on to those that come after them. Either way it is a win-win!
Take a look and see what you think. See if you can find your inner offbeat bride!


Models: Megan Labonte and Mary Tarpey
Makeup: Christy Lavalee of Makeup artistry by Christy
Hair: Brenda Nadolny
Photographer: Dominic Chavez
Location: Three Sister's Sanctuary
Gowns: Xharisma Bridal Rentals by Creative Wedding Solutions
Accessories: Kkira Creations on Etsy
Fashion Stylist: Mauryn Kkira  (Creative Wedding Solutions)

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