Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Offbeat Wedding at Fuller Craft Museum

Hi Everyone!
It has been a while since I blogged, but I am happy to be back and to share one of the funnest weddings we did this past season!

The setting: The Fuller Craft Museum is one of my favorite contemporary museums. Definitely check it out when you have a chance . It is a hidden gem in Boston and one of my favorite offbeat locations to have a funky wedding. We recommended it for the couple and they fell in love!

What they said they wanted: Funky, non traditional, laid back, festive, colorful party.

What we gave them: Take a look! Hope you enjoy it!


We had to go with the rain plan since it threatened to rain the entire day! The result was a fun backdrop we put together along with the bookshelves we used to house their books and some button embellished branches to create their sacred space!

Colorful Ceremony Backdrop

We lined the aisle with painted jars to give the bride a colorful aisle to walk down.

Colorful Jars Lining the Aisle

They shared their love for baseball with their guests by tying the knot on a home plate!

Baseball Home Plate for the Couple to Exchange Vows

The bride chose to wear a burnt orange gown in lieu of a traditional white gown. The gorgeous gown was from Momo Soho a funky dress store in New york, totally worth checking out! There was a road trip involved!

The Gorgeous Gown from Momo Soho


The centerpieces were a collection of items that were inspired by Mary and Carl in one way or another. All the bottles were from Mary and Carl's at home bar, all the books belonged to Mary and Carl as they are avid readers, the table clothe embellishments were inspired in various ways by little facts about them like their plan to honeymoon in France, their love for travel, their road trip to New York for Mary's dress and of course their love for color. Each table setting was different with unique details to say something about them. Mary and Carl also expressed a desire for a fall theme to be included in the decor, so in lieu of floral centerpieces, we used twigs that we embellished with colorful buttons to keep the rich colorful feeling going. The yarn balls were added to bring texture to the table settings and as an ode to Mary and Carl's love for crafts.

The Funky Centerpieces

Photographs by Allan Sinclair

Other cool tidbits

The couple used a Harry Potter book as their ring box instead of a ring pillow. They looove Harry Potter!

The Harry Potter Ring Book


These were made by Mary and Carl for each of their guests! The packaging was done by the bride's sister! Very cool!


Okay, seriously the best cake I have ever had. I found myself dreaming about it weeks after the wedding, no joke! That said, the best part is that on top of it being amazing it was made by the groom's amazing Dad! Still hoping I can talk him into doing that more regularly! Just writing about it makes me wish for a piece all over again!

The groom's sister, played guitar and sang a special song for them, it was very sweet!

All in all it was a fantastic party!

Photographs by Belfield and Nack

This was definitely one of our favorite weddings of the season, so we hope you enjoy it as well. Congratulations again to Mary and Carl! We wish them every happiness! Feel free to leave comments, we appreciate them! Cheers!

Location: The Fuller Craft Museum
Design and Decor: Creative Wedding Solutions
Custom Centerpieces: Creative Wedding Solutions
Wedding Gown: Momo Soho
Photography: Allan Sinclair and Belfield and Nack