Monday, December 19, 2011

Green Colorful Wedding in Provincetown

Hi all! We have another one of our fun offbeat weddings to share! This wedding took place on the cape in Provincetown and it was a fun one to do. The couple rented a beach house and invited about 60 people for an intimate offbeat affair.

What they wanted:

Something colorful and whimsical that included purple, green and blue.
Centerpieces that did not include real flowers to facilitate their goal to have a green wedding.
Chinese lanterns to be included in the decor.
Jars to be used as candle holders.
An outdoor ceremony
An intimate dinner

What we did to give them what they wanted!

We created centerpieces that were both floral and environmentally friendly by using pieces of fabric that had been given to them by one of the bride's mothers as napkins. The idea was that they would use them as napkins for the wedding and she would then use them to make a quilt for the couple after they were married! What a great idea! We asked the mum to provide any left over pieces of fabric and used them to make their centerpieces and the arbors for their ceremony! They gave such character to the whole feel of the wedding. After the wedding, we took them apart and sent them to the couple to have Mum add them to the quilt! They will forever have this as a souvenir of their wedding day! Very cool!

We used their desired colors in addition to ones we thought would work best with them and designed a very colorful and whimsical reception setup for them.
Instead of clear jars as candle holders we opted to go with colored ones to keep the whimsy and color theme going. They were thrilled with the burst of unexpected color they provided along the aisle they both walked down as well as at the tables as part of the centerpieces.

Last but not least, we used a good number of chinese lanterns in a mix of colors in the reception room to create the colorful ambiance they wanted.

Everything we used was colorful and fun and in keeping with their green, whimsical but colorful and intimate theme!
Check out our website for more pictures and as always, let us know your thoughts! We like hearing them and they help us do better!


Decor and Design: Creative Wedding Solutions
Event Rentals: Rentals Unlimited
Photography: Alan Sinclair