Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ring Pillows for your creative wedding...

So, I haven't blogged in a while due to the business of running a business and launching a new bridal rental line, but I am back now and wanted to share some cool traditions with a bit of a twist. This is for the bride who likes both tradition and creativity as well as the out right creative bride.
Ring Pillows are my topic of choice today as they are a tradition that I often find boring because they seem to come in one color and one color only and they all seem to be designed the exact same know, like they were made for your great grandmother's wedding ...then of course the ones that aren't one color only are designed in a way that is still uninteresting as the only element that seems to make them stand out is color.
Well, I found some that are gorgeous, and have character as well as great design. Yes you guessed right, they are on favorite place to shop!!!

The store is called white thistle bridal and is where you can find more of their stuff. I love the creativity that goes in each design and the detail with which it is executed...there is something for everyone really, wheather you are traditional with a bit of a twist or more out there and risky with what you prefer...check it out!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Alternative to the Bouquet?

So I saw these really cool purses and was originally thinking that they would make awesome bridal party gifts for your bridemaids, until it occured to me that they are the prefcet item to pull double duty for the bride that is on a budget. They are so wonderfully designed as purses but have the perfect decorative item that would double for the bridal party in place of a bouquet of flowers. This is a very fun and savvy way to save money on flower costs as well as a neat way to do something possibly quirky and different if you make it your own. Take a look at some options at I personally enjoy the use of color and various textures that give them such a uniquely refreshing and stunning look.