Thursday, September 9, 2010

Red carpet fashion inspiration for the fashionista off beat bride!

I thought I would blog about red carpet fashion since we just got through watching the Emmys and  I think it is also the beginning of Awards season. In addition to the multitude of fashion critiques published after an awards show, there are a number of articles written to inspire brides to take a page or two from some of the red carpet styles. Bridal columns often suggest a 'bridal version' of the gown some celebrity was wearing, which is one fun way to think about your bridal fashion. That said, I always thought it would be really cool if there was no 'bridal version' and we could just think outside the box and see the actual red carpet gowns as potential wedding gowns. So today I picked out a few interesting red carpet styles from my stash and thought it would be cool to consider them as unusual bridal gown options for offbeat brides who love fashion. I like to take a look at them and picture what they would look like as wedding gowns, with a head piece of some sort and the whole nine yards. Maybe you can give it a try and see what you come up with. This is a fun way for an offbeat bride to consider what she would do if she could. It might help you come to a fun and unexpected decision about what you would really like to wear, unbeknownst to yourself! Remember, most of us don't have awards to go to and we often don't have anything we have to dress up this much for, so why not take advantage and go all out for the big day and give your guests a wonderful opportunity to get all gussied up for your very own red carpet event! Think about it and share your thoughts, am looking forward to hearing them! Enjoy and pass it on, it should be a fun exercise to do with your fashion loving girlfriends whether they are getting married or not!


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