Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Inspiration offbeat wedding photo shoot - Black and White Elegance

A little bit ago, I shared that I had been swamped from doing a bunch of photo shoots and promised to share the pictures once they were ready.
Well, they are!  It was a bit of work and we had to get really creative to get the results I wanted, but it was all so worth it. So today I thought I'd share the pictures as well as the inspiration with you!

This was inspired by an offbeat couple with the groom being a writer/ journalist and the bride being a photographer. I pictured them as offbeat with a beautiful love story in which he travels for work being a journalist and  their relationship is kept going by all the correspondence they do through letters. They both feel that writing letters is a romantic way for them to express their love to each other, and both share a great love for books and great stories. She wants some color added to their day and her color choice is fuchsia pink, but he is not so sure for concern that  their wedding is going to end up looking frilly and too 'girly' for his taste.
The solution, we mixed both masculine and feminine elements to create a perfect marriage of the two. They both love vintage style looks, so we used that as the common denominator. We used vintage typewriters and cameras as the centerpieces which both spoke for the couple's passions. We tended to the concern that the groom had about having too much pink, and introduced a fourth color (yellow) to ensure that the pink would not take over, after all, it is his wedding too!

Their love for correspondence was represented by the stationery sets scattered on the tables by the typewriters and cameras, as well as their favorite love poems printed out in calligraphic writing that they both love and appreciate.
The final touch was a sheet of paper in the typewriter with the playful words 'love and chocolate' which is how they occasionally sign off their letters to each other because of her love for the different kinds of chocolate that he brings her as a gift every time he returns from a work trip! It also functions as an invitation to their guests to share their 'love and chocolate' moments by typing their messages to them so it doubled as a guest book of sorts!

This couple is obviously offbeat and wouldn't want a traditional wedding, so we dressed them to suit the occasion and to reflect their eclectic taste and style. The bride wore a white and black gown from our rental collection with black netting for a shawl as well as an offbeat hat with a fuchsia pink veil and the groom wore a black suit with a black and white ascot instead of a tie and his favorite hat!

It was such a fun shoot to do and coming up with the design concepts was such a treat, so I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. I would love to hear your thoughts, so don't be shy!


Design: Creative Wedding Solutions
Photographers: Santana Chavez and George Yurahen
Event rentals: Rentals Unlimited
Dresses: Xharisma Bridal Rental line by Creative Wedding Solutions
Flowers: Carolyn Kegler
Typewriters and Cameras: Sunshine Lucy
Hair: Nancy Brown
Makeup: Christy Lavalee
Fashion stylist: Mauryn Kkira (Creative Wedding Solutions)
Headpiece: Mauryn Kkira (Creative Wedding Solutions and Kkira Creations)
Wedding Planners: Creative Wedding Solutions

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