Thursday, December 13, 2012

Unique Engagement Rings

It is that time of year again and some gentlemen and ladies out there will be planning a proposal to the one they love! While this is usually a one person job, we thought we would help by giving you some ideas of really cool engagement rings we found while looking around.

These all range in pricing and are from two separate stores in the wonderful world of Etsy which we are big fans of. So take a look and see if any of these inspire you! We of course have included the links for you to visit each store incase you decide to get one of these or to see what else they carry! We highly encourage you to take a look at their stores. They are so worth the visit!
Happy scouring, finding and proposing!

Brilliant Earth Inc
Ethical and eco friendly Jewelry

Check out more of Brilliant Earth's gorgeous engagement rings here

Steve Lee Jewelry

These are just really cool and there were quite a number of unique pieces to choose from!

Visit Steve Lee's Jewelry shop on Etsy to see what other goodies you may find here

Let us know how you faired by leaving a comment for us!

All photographs belong to the store owners.


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  2. I bought my wife a 3 stone Engagement rings in uk for our wedding. They don't disappoint.