Friday, December 14, 2012

Do you really need a Wedding Planner?

Here are a few tale tale signs to look for when trying to determine if you really need a wedding planner. Truth be told, some people just don't need one! See if you may or may not be one of them. Either way, nothing has to be anything, this is just a way to help you determine which course of action might be more helpful to you!

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You know you are very likely to benefit from enlisting the help of a wedding planner if:

1. You have a busy job and spend a more than average amount of time at work

2. You have a tendency to get overwhelmed with multitasking

3. You prefer to focus only on one thing at a time

4. You have trouble managing your time

5. You have no idea where to start when you think of planning a wedding

6. You are indecisive and generally have trouble making decisions

7. You don't really know what you want or just don't feel sure you know

8. You hate large projects

9. You really couldn't be bothered and would just rather not think about planning anything let alone a wedding

10. You want a large and elaborate wedding/event

11. You want a celebration that includes a lot of personalization and details

12. You don't know how to get the kind of event you want within the budget you have

A good way to measure if you fall in this category:

There are obviously many more tale tale signs but a good way to measure for yourself is to consider that if you feel negative emotions when you think about your wedding - for example, overwhelmed, confused, afraid, stressed, frustrated etc...It is usually safe to assume that you need help with your wedding planning. Do yourself a favor and contact a planner for help! If they are the right fit for you, you will have increased your chances of enjoying the process of planning your wedding significantly!

Leave me a comment with any other indicators you can think of that may be a sign that you need help!

Cheers, Happy planning and Be Free to be You!

For more information on how to know if you really need a wedding a planner, check out our video here.

DISCLAIMER: These are just guidelines and are not an absolute measure of whether you will be best served by hiring a wedding planner or not. Be sure to take into account all other relevant details that may affect your decision.

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