Monday, March 28, 2011

Offbeat junkyard inspired wedding idea!

While going through our photoshoot pictures, I came across these which happen to be fun favorites of mine! I love the idea of junkyard inspired weddings mostly because they have so much character, texture, depth and frankly way too many surprising beauties! There is no telling what you will find in a junkyard when you go hunting in one of them and that makes for fun experiences. These pictures are reminiscent of a junkyard feel but prettier and more well organized as well as artistic!
Looking for a way to decorate your wedding in a unique way, consider the inspiration in  a junkyard or a location that will give you the feel and the beauty all rolled up in one! The results are endless!
I dare you to satisfy your curiosity or better yet the curiosity of your guests! I for one would love to throw such a wedding! Happy hunting!

 Location: Three Sister Sanctuary
Models: Megan Labonte and Mary Tarpey
Photographers: Dominica Chavez and Shannon Grant
Makeup: Christy Lavallee
Hair: Brenda Nadolny
Fashion Design: Mauryn Kkira of Creative Wedding Solutions
Gowns: Xharisma Bridal rental by Creative Wedding Solutions
Accessories: Kkira Creations on Etsy by Mauryn Kkira of Creative Wedding Solutions

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  1. Offbeat junkyard inspired wedding idea is stunning. I can suggest this idea to my sister who is marrying soon. She hasn’t decided on her wedding theme yet but has already booked the garden themed NYC wedding venues for the day. Can you share some more inspirations for a garden wedding?