Monday, March 21, 2011

Fun wedding gowns for the bride on a budget! Something for everyone!

I haven't blogged in a while so I thought I would do a fun gown entry today! I am always looking for wedding gowns that have character in pretty much every price range. I found some I thought were worth sharing so I thought I would pass them along
These are from various places and I am happy to share where to look for them if you are interested so drop me a line if you have any questions on where to find them.

Most important thing to keep in mind is that they are in various price ranges and I would like to share them according to price so you can see what you like and what might work for you.
It is no secret that I am a huge fan of color, but I thought these were great stylistically and if I was looking for a white gown that had character in it's design but was on a budget, I would consider any of these. Remember Your dress is only a way to express yourself and there are so many things you can express about yourself, so don't let your budget or options limit you. This first set is from White house Black market and they are all below $600.00 so for the bride looking to keep to a small budget or any budget really, they are a great option. 

The next set of dresses are from Edressme which is another great resource for great dresses at really good price points. They are perfect for the bride who wants character and a great deal! The majority of these dresses come in at a price point of less than $500.00 and in fact only one of them comes in at $1500. All the rest are at a lower price point than that, below $1000. So take a look and be inspired to find something that not only fits your style but your budget as well. Who says you can only have it your way by breaking the bank? Of course I included color options for the bride after my own heart! Edressme has a whole wedding section as well as one for bride's maids. If you want even more options, a great section to look at is their evening gown section. Don't underestimate the glamor and style that you can find in what was made to be a funky evening gown. While it might be made for one purpose, you can use it for another. Don't let yourself get limited by anyone else's idea of what the dress should be, think about what you see and what it represents to you and you now have a myriad of options from which to pull your unique wedding gown!



$298.00 on sale for $238.00

 Any of these gowns would make gorgeous wedding gowns for a funky and offbeat bride who wants a unique look. All you need to add are the right accessories and you are ready to say forever! Enjoy!


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    1. Thanks for checking it out and for commenting!