Friday, May 7, 2010

Romantic Boleros...who knew?

I have always thought that boleros are a good idea when you are out hanging out with your friends on a spring day or even a cool summer night, but not so much for weddings and I will tell you why. In general most of them are made to be cover ups in the sense of 'hiding something' which is why they are recommended as a good idea for brides in church weddings that would like to keep a modest look or in traditional settings. I have always thought it would be so cool if they were not made to look a bit dowdy and to bring down the beauty and frankly the sexiness of the bride and her otherwise often beautiful gown. Well, I found someone who agrees and not only agrees with my sentiment but actually makes them, I found boleros that are not just beautiful, but that are sexy and romantic, which means they can be worn purely for the beauty and choice of them and not just to be coverups, yey!!!
For the bride that still needs to pull off modesty, you get to do that and still look fabulous as opposed to covered up in some ugly matronly lace thing that is supposed to be a bolero.
Take a look at these, and visit the store at and see what other sexy and beautiful things you might find for your unique and colorful wedding. Enjoy!!!

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  1. It was soooo perfect. I never looked at etsy before, but I read your blog about how perfect these boleros are for wedding occasions and other ones as well. I was interested in seeing it and saw the wonderful collection she had. Right when I knew of a friend in which the style would completely suit, I thought there was no other gift to get her but the black bolero. When she received it, she literally wore it right from the bag and didn't take it off all night. She looked amazing from the dramatic collar to the slight puff sleeves. I even loved the little detail of a bit of lace in the back of jacket. She received so many compliments, and in denmark, I have to say it was definitely one of a kind. So thank you very much for the wonderful suggestion, it is a lovely garment.