Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Something White? How about color?

I was never one of those girls that dreamed about what she wanted her wedding to look like. In fact I wasn't too sure that marriage was for a girl like me. I was constantly told how impossible I was and how no man would take me for a wife - because he would have more trouble with me than anyone would want. In my effort to cope I learned to make peace with the idea that I was probably never going to meet a man that would want a woman as opinionated, imperfect, odd, strong, and independent as I am. Somewhere along the way, it also occured to me that maybe it was just as well since I would probably make a horrible bride. I didn't really see myself in the long white veil, or the big white puffy dress. I was 200% sure that I would not be able or willing to have a wedding that was filled with a bunch of conventions that were part of someone else’s ‘tradition' since I am not one to do anything that has no meaning to me. I was sure that if I did get married, I would feel like an impostor if it had to be done the 'traditional' way.

Today I am 33 and I still have not walked down the aisle, but several things have changed since then. I have learned to love my offbeat self, and that these quirks and oddities make me unique in ways that are refreshing (even to men)–who knew? I am not sure my mother is convinced of this yet, but I'm working on it :) … I have learned that I am free to be exactly who I am and that I can and should translate that to pretty much anything and everything I do. And surprisingly, I have learned that I am really not as immune to the idea of walking down the aisle as I thought I was; I just needed to know that it could be done my way.

So to that end this blog is dedicated to you girls like me who know that what you want may not be the norm, but that it is true to who you are. There are also you girls out there who are just figuring out what your off-beatness looks like and I share this blog with you as well.
As an artist who is also now a wedding planner, I am honored with the opportunity to inspire the people I work with to be themselves on one of the most important days of their lives. I mean, let's face it, your life partner deserves to experience the real you on this of all days. He/ she deserves the real you all the time, but without a doubt, on your wedding day - and frankly, so do you. I know that the wedding is only the beginning of the rest of the story, but I firmly believe that it is worth celebrating with authenticity because how we start anything informs the journey that follows. As an artist, creativity and personal-expression are a part of who I am, so how could I be true to anything if I couldn't honor that part of me?

My hope is that you will all find inspiration here not only to be true to yourselves in every day life, but to accomplish that unapologetically on the day you yourselves are blessed to walk down the aisle with the love of your life: in complete freedom, with your own unique beauty and great joy–fearlessly. As for me, I fully intend to do just that and will let you know when that day comes :)! In the meantime, I am happy to cheer you on as you get closer to your walk down the aisle.

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