Thursday, August 20, 2015

Unique Backdrops!

Backdrops are a wonderful way to create a romantic experience at any wedding celebration. While it can be a bit difficult to be creative with something that has already been done before, there is hope for those of you who want a fresh spin on the much used backdrop. Gone are the days when pipe and draping were the only thing synonymous with the wedding backdrop. These days any thing goes! There are countless ways to create a unique backdrop that will not only make your event feel unique, but that can also add a very personal and romantic touch to your wedding day experience. The sky really is the limit!

Below are a few options, for you to look through - and who knows, you might even get inspired to create something all of your own! In the event that you don't however, you will not be lacking for ideas to choose from to create your own personal backdrop with your own personal touch!
Cheers and Happy Planning!

Image from Easton Events

Image from Bride Club Me

Image from Creative Wedding Solutions

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