Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Show presented by Smiling Stiletto - Boston Fashion Week 2013

I know it is really late, but I thought it was still worth sharing, so here goes! This year we at Creative Wedding Solutions worked with Smiling Stiletto to put on a Fashion Show during Boston Fashion Week for a good cause! The proceeds from the show were all donated to a non profit Organization called Project Smile which is an organization that works with The Police and Fire Departments in New England by donating items for the use of children who are found at traumatizing scenes like fires, accidents and any other trauma scene a child might be found at.

Since we are big fans of the organization, we donated our services to put together the Fashion Show and with the help of so many individuals as well as companies, we had a sold out house and had people off the streets paying to get into the show! I would call that a roaring success! Here are some pictures from that night!

The Centerpieces were embellished with items that you would find in a fashion designer's studio. These included basic things like buttons, safety pins, thread, bobbins etc.

The models were a mix of regular sized women and professional models and they all rocked that runway!

Designer 1: Polina Pantyushina

Designer 2:
David Bermingham

The fashion show was everything we hoped it would be and then some! We raised more money than expected for Project Smile, supported local up and coming fashion designers, collaborated with local businesses and had a wonderful time doing it! Can't wait to do it again next year - and this time, the pictures will be posted sooner...I hope :)!


Location: The Harborside Inn Cafe and Lounge
Designers: Polina Pantyushina, Kind Touma and David Bermingham
Hair: Leeba Salon
Makeup: Amita Galarza of Beauty and the Brush, Zoraida Gonzalez of Sephora, Tiffani Smith, Ashlee Amill, Lillian Burgos and Norma Sellier of Beauty and the Brush
Jewelry: Inga Puzikov
Host: Smiling Stiletto Shoe Club
Sponsors: Celebrity Cruises, Finale, Sabine's Cuisine, Pretzel Crisps, Love's Cakes and Pastries, Tia's Baked and Unbaked Cakes/ Pastries, Nunzio's and Triple Eight Vodka.
Thanks to all the models and shoe club members who participated in the show to make it a great success!

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