Monday, October 8, 2012

Unique Wedding Gowns on Etsy!

Hi All! I hope all is well in your beautiful worlds! I thought I would come on really quickly and share some fun things I found on Etsy while poking around! If you are a bride looking for a wedding gown that is unique and fun then this is for you!

Now just to be clear, I am a huge fun of Etsy because there is no telling what you will find on there if you take the time to look. Of course there are countless stores on there, so I see how it can be overwhelming to take on the task of finding that needle in the haystack. That said, please believe me when I say it is so worth when you do spend some time looking! You will find things you were looking for and things you had no idea you wanted, but they are all there!

To that end, I have decided to share something cool that I find on Etsy as often as I can. I hate to over commit myself so I will start with at least once a month and see if I can do any better. In the meantime, feast your eyes on these wedding gowns that are - wait for it - hand painted (yes, I said hand painted) and then go take a look at the lovely store called Kira Zhigun. Who knows you might find your very own hand painted wedding gown in Telaviv, Isreal! How cool would that be :)? Enjoy!

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