Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Zombies in an engagement shoot? YES!

Hi Everyone,
It has been a while since I blogged and as usual, there has been too much going on so something had to give :)! Sorry about that but I am back and have some fun things to share with you so I hope that makes up for the absence :)!

Yes, you read it right, the title says something about zombies in a photo shoot and I am sure you are wondering how and why anyone would want to do that :)! Well I will be honest, even I who is all about people doing whatever they want to celebrate their unique personalities wondered the same thing for a bit so I understand the raised eyebrows and the rolling of the eyes :)! That said when I saw the pictures I was surprised by my thoughts. Was it creepy? Yes :)! I mean there was a zombie in the shoot, they are creepy :)! But while I looked through them I couldn't help but still find myself fascinated. First of all they were great photos, the couple looks pretty great and clearly had a great time doing it, so I figured that had to count for something. But still I wanted to figure out what it was that made me feel that there was something cool about this shoot, so I thought about it and here is what I found.

The coolest thing for me about the shoot is the symbolism of the zombie. I have often wondered why horror movies are appealing to people and I have tried to understand it from an artistic perspective in an effort to understand what they symbolize to us as humans whether it is obvious or not. I am not sure if I read this somewhere or heard it from someone but since it sounds really wise, I have to consider that I didn't come up with it all by myself, but I guess the point was that zombies and ghosts and spooky things represent our many, many fears or our struggles from both within and without. If that is the case, then this shoot is one of the more clever and yet meaningful ones I have seen in a while as it would appear to represent all the fears that we have when we are in an intimate relationship. But it also occurred to me that given the difficulties that we face in this day and age just trying to get through life and especially trying to have a successful marriage, the zombie seems to be an appropriate representation of all those things and I love that the couple is determined to clobber it to death. It seems to say something about how they approach their lives and specifically their relationship together. So my advice to any crazy 'zombies' looking to get in the way of this couple, is 'stay the hell away or you will be clobbered and I can't say I will feel bad for you :) You have been warned!' I would love to hear your thoughts on the couple and the idea of this shoot. Is it too weird or do you get it :)? Really curious to hear your thoughts! So let me know!

The photos were sent to me by the beautiful Laura Grier who is a fantastic photographer and I am so glad she did! You can see more of her work on her website at Beautiful day photography.
Enjoy and as always I thank you for stopping by!


Photography by Laura Grier of Beautiful day photography

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