Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dress Up your Favors...

Hello Brides out there that are always looking for the odd but beautiful thing, I think I may have found something to add to your wonderful ideas of uniqueness at your wedding. What could it be you ask? Well it is a nifty little shop on etsy called Paperlemons and I had to tell you all about it. Her name is Luisa and she makes the cutest , most unique tags I have seen yet. They are striking little odd looking beautiful things that I would use to bring beauty and brightness to any room , decor or party and of course more importantly, wedding table.

These are a wonderful way to dress up favors which as we may know are really another excuse to have pretty little things at a table among other things. Let's face it, they are not just a way to say thank you to your guests but rather they somehow tie the entire decor in the room together. So needless to say, most often I have seen people pick out favors that are a good idea but sadly seem to be doomed to have such mandane presentation, which frankly I think is might as well just skip the whole favor thing, because again let's face it, you can't really say thank you to 150 of your guests, some of who travelled miles to be with you on your special day with candy or a scented while it is a nice idea, it is really for us, for the beauty, for the fun, for the excuse to add something other to our decor and celebration, as well as share some quirk about ourselves with our guests, so why not own it and then do it in style, with intention and boldness? This would definitely be one way to achieve that, so check out more of her items at and see what other fun things you might find. My guess is you can have whatever you want if you let her know. I would keep her in mind for things like unique invitations as well or maybe place cards and such cute stationery needs, I know I will :).

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