Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Offbeat Gay Fantasy Wedding!

With creativity in mind we put together an inspired photo shoot to share some colorful variations on what a quirky dream wedding could look like. This inspiration shoot was based around the concept of a gorgeous lesbian couple who are colorful but want an earthy wedding. To pull off this fantasy, it was apparent that the first and most important thing was to locate a space that had a colorful, earthy  feel. Tip: Take time to find an exceptional location.  Your location sets the tone for your event, so choose wisely and fearlessly.  We found a wonderful sculpture garden in Goshen, MA called the Three Sister’s Sanctuary, which is appropriately referred to as the place “where nature and art are joined.” It was the perfect space because of the blend of open gardens and raw textures created by owner and environmental artist Richard Richardson. Part of creating environmental art is using found and recycled items, so this location also fits in with the green theme our planet-friendly brides have. In keeping with that goal almost every element we used was rented, recycled, or reusable.

The ceremony was set up in the Three Sisters’ amphitheater where we used wooden baskets as rustic seats around a central stone altar. Tip: Don’t be afraid to think outside the box…literally!  We used circles in order to make a large gathering cozier. Circles are a softer shape and create a more intimate feeling. We chose eggplant colored cushions for their vibrance with hand painted glass jars to add bursts of bright color to the four aisles. Tip: Use what you’ve got. In planning, people sometimes forget to consider everyday items they or their loved ones already have, which is a simple and green way to add unique and personal charisma to your event. The jars we used were collected from several people who had been saving them for recycling! As a finishing touch we sprinkled some gorgeous multicolored rose petals in a spiral around the altar to create a sacred space for the couple in the middle of the theater. This is reminiscent of the life journey on which they are embarking, moving ever deeper, ever closer to the center. I also heard it said by my favorite pastor that the wedding ring is circular because it has no beginning or end which is symbolic of a couple’s commitment. I thought it was a wonderful interpretation of what marriage symbolizes.

            For an intimate reception we wanted to keep it simple, unique, laid back and fun.  In the spirit of maintaining the natural and earthy feel, we decided to literally move everything closer to the earth.  We created low tables with cushions as seats right on the grass. The couple is not too attached to flowers, so we kept the floral influence minimal and instead relied on the painted jars to infuse the entire setup with color. Tip: Use what you love. It’s easy to create something original if you focus on what you like instead of what is expected. Blue burlap runs the length of the table with layers of green moss as a bed for the colorful jars. Uncomplicated white plates lighten up this ensemble, and green napkins and simple but colorful menus bring it all together.

            In order to create a loose outline for the celebration we established a couple of corner niches on the lawn, a coffee setup and a guest book parlor.  We thought it would be fun to create a unique guest book since the couple was not the sort to have a regular one. We attached small painted jars to a folding screen and stretched colorful fabrics from it to create a fun place to sit, and used a drawer to collect all the note cards written by their guests. Tip: There’s always an alternative.  Providing different kinds of stationery is one way to keep it interesting as well as interactive for your guests. The coffee tables are small cabinet doors perched on wooden baskets flanking a tall, carved plant stand topped with another painted jar for color. Finally, we added some lovely white hydrangea and kale bouquets bring more texture to an array of simple white coffee cups and saucers.

           Since the couple loves color, we kept that theme through out everything including their attire. We gave them both simple but gorgeous gowns that reflected their colorful styles. Tip: Color is your friend! Everything looks richer with color, so don’t be afraid to experiment with it. One of the brides wore a blue strapless gown while the other wore a purple gown with straps. They both had simple hair accessories to add flair to their beautiful feminine looks, but still kept their individual styles.  If you happen to be a bride that would rather wear a pant suit, then go for it and find a way to make it work for you by adding color to it. One easy way to do that is to pick a colored and playfully feminine top, or infuse it with color using accessories that way you still have your flair.

            This concept was a result of dreaming and putting together a variety of elements to create something unique, quirky and colorful and we hope that you will find inspiration as well as tips to help you as you embark on the exciting journey of creating  your own fantasy wedding. Be Free to be You!

Location: Three Sister Sanctuary http://threesisterssanctuary.com/
Design concept: Creative Wedding Solutions www.creativeweddingsolutions.com
Decor Design: Creative Wedding Solutions www.creativeweddingsolutions.com
Menus/Stationery: Creative Wedding Solutions www.creativeweddingsolutions.com
Makeup: Christy Lavallee of Makeup Artistry by Christy http://www.makeup-artistry.biz/
Hair: Brenda Nadolny
Event Rentals: A Perfect Setting http://www.perfectsetting.com/
Gowns: Xharisma Bridal Rentals by Creative Wedding Solutions www.creativeweddingsolutions.com
Hair Accessories: Kkira Creations by Creative Wedding Solutions on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/kkiracreations
Photography: Shannon Grant of Shannon Grant Photography http://www.shannongrantphotography.com/